Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to once again present an opportunity for EBRD Advice for Small Businesses team members to gain recognition for their excellent work not only internally but also among the wider international consulting community!

The EBRD Business Advice Best Practice Award 2016 is for those who have made a significant contribution to increasing the quality of projects related to the area of export promotion and thereby promoting the value of advisory services amongst SMEs. Export promotion is the cross-cutting theme of the Awards this year, meaning that any project is eligible for consideration that has assisted the client to increase or improve its exports. This could mean through elaboration of an export strategy, research into foreign markets, introduction of food safety standards and beyond. The Award recognises best practice, therefore it is important that the implementation of the advice has resulted in tangible export development.

The Award is open to EBRD Analysts, Associates, Team Coordinators and Principals who lead projects and work directly with clients. In general, nominating evaluated projects is preferred but completed projects that show very good results may also be submitted for consideration. Where a completed project is proposed, the applicant should have the results of a mid-term evaluation (e.g. six months after project completion), so the independent judges can assess the preliminary project impact.

Last year the independent evaluating committee was impressed with the high quality of the projects submitted. Criteria used to judge the submissions included:

  • Role of the team member in ensuring high quality
  • Innovation and project impact
  • Demonstration effect in the local market and how the project could improve the public image of the consulting profession
  • Reflection of the values and approach of the EBRD

The applications will be judged by an independent committee of experts gathered by the Gabriel Al Salem Foundation. The language of the Awards is English and all documents should be submitted in English or with a relevant English translation.

The case studies of the winning projects from last year are available on this website under Success Stories and are true examples of best practice projects.

You can now apply using the Online Application. The deadline for submission of applications this year is 29 February 2016. We encourage all of you to apply!


Yours sincerely,

Viktoria Olskaia


Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation  

Charlotte Ruhe

Director, Advice for Small Businesses



 “We are extremely excited about this opportunity and our evolving partnership with the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation. Their mandate to promote excellence in consulting is clearly in line with our mission.

Gabriel Al-Salem played a crucial role in developing the consultancy markets in Central Asia and in spurring our market development efforts. His leadership was highly appreciated by his team in Central Asia and elsewhere and we are delighted that the Foundation in his name will now recognise the important work of our staff.” Valeria Della Rosa, Senior Manager, Small Business Support, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development