Consulting Without Borders 2023: Be Future Ready
1 February 2023, 13:00 - 15:00 GMT

Change is here to stay. So how do consultants stay relevant and valued? The time is now to purposefully build your capabilities, explore new ideas, learn future-ready skills, and lead or support leaders. Are you ready for what’s ahead? Find out by tuning in to our traditional event for consultants and businesses on February 1. Join us live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and ask your questions and share your opinion directly in the comments.

Guest Speaker: Brian Ing (UK)

In his 30-year career Brian Ing has been continuously involved with ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) since 1999 having been a UK trustee, elected Secretary (twice) and Chair. For four years he led the group within ICMCI responsible for assuring the consistent standard of awarding the CMC in all the full member countries of ICMCI. In 2002 Brian was President of the UK Institute of Management Consultancy. In his career Brian built two consultancies from scratch. He has covered, among other topics, use of IT for competitive advantage, program management, outsourcing, marketing strategy and organizational development.

As a colleague and friend of the late Gabriel Al-Salem, Brian has been supporting and contributing to the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's activities. In 2015 he conducted training for the winners of the International Award for Excellence in Consulting as part of the “Consulting Without Borders” international conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Although currently retired, Brian continues to be involved in the revision of CMC standards, development of revised competency framework, determination of re-certification standards, development of Master Coach competency framework and standards, development of CMC firm standards, advising of other committees regarding implementation of standards.

The Future of Management Consultancy: Learning from Our Past.

Management consultants need to re-invent themselves every five or so years. The new high demand product/service may be new but the adaption of the profession to be able to support this service is a well-trodden path. The bulk of management consultancy is the rump of the once trendy products, and when consulting on the trend topic, consultants must not ignore all the lessons learnt in the past.

You will learn:

1. Why does management consultancy always need to adapt to new ideas and concepts?
2. Which past trendy consulting products and services has the consulting profession gone through, and what are the lessons learned?
3. What does it take to effectively consult on a new high demand topic?

Brian’s presentation will be followed by a Panel discussion with the participation of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation’s Board of Directors, who will elaborate on future readiness from the perspectives of their diverse backgrounds and current engagements.

During the Q&A session you will have a chance to ask your questions and share your perspectives on how you envisage future for consulting and what being future ready means to you.

International Awards for Excellence announcements:

Learn about the updated categories, criteria, and application requirements and deadlines of the International Award for Excellence in Consulting.
We will also be announcing special awards related to the response of civil society and non-governmental organizations in dealing with the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from February 2022.

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