International Conference
"Consulting Without Borders: Working Together for a Better Future"
1-2 February 2021

As the safety of our participants is our top priority, we have decided to deliver our annual International Conference “Consulting Without Borders” as a digital event so that you could join us from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. With no travel expenses, attending the conference “Consulting Without Borders” this time will be easy and affordable!

While we may not be seeing you in person, we are committed to creating the same valuable and engaging experience that we have been known for. Our virtual event will feature the following activities:

  • Keynote presentations and panel discussions including live Q&A;
  • Networking opportunities for you to connect with speakers, partner experts and other participants through group meetings, private messaging and other virtual social events and activities;
  • Launch of a Mentoring Program allowing participants and stakeholders to access skills of experienced professionals;
  • Virtual ceremony for the winners of the International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2020; virtual cocktail party and live entertainment.

International Award for Excellence in Consulting 2020
– Apply now!

The Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation continues to accept applications for the International Award for Excellence in Consulting - Consulting Without Borders 2020. We welcome applications from professional consultants, whose work resulted in tangible improvements in the performance of client companies and significantly contributed to the promotion of high professional standards and best practices in consulting. We welcome projects supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing global challenges for better and more sustainable future for all.

The deadline for submitting the applications has been extended to January 10, 2021. The winners will be announced at the 10th Anniversary International Conference "Consulting Without Borders," which will take place online on February 1-2, 2021.

Past Events

International Conference "Consulting Without Borders 2021: Working Together for a Better Future"
February 1-2, 2021
International Award for Excellence in Consulting




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