About Gabriel

Gabriel Al-Salem for 10 years served as the Head of the Central Asian Business Advisory Services (BAS) Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (now called the Small Business Support program). He made an enormous contribution to the development of the consulting industry in Centrals Asia and beyond. After Gabriel’s tragic death on November 27, 2010, when he crashed while paragliding in the mountains of Almaty, his family and colleagues continued his work by creating the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation and the international conference and professional Award “Consulting Without Borders.”

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A testimonial from one of Gabriel's colleagues:

"My name is Carnell and I had the privilege to work with Mr. Al-Salem at KPMG. Mr. Al-Salem wasn't just my Director but also a great teacher. He taught me to push my brain to levels unknown and for this I am grateful. He was there for me during a terrible time and helped me through it. This was at a time when I had no one else to turn. I have told the story many times to many people. His generosity was very rare and I am grateful to have known him. I hope this Foundation continues to do great things just like the name it represents. Thank you for carrying the Gabriel Al-Salem name."
/Email from Mr. Carnell S. received on December 10, 2016/

Gabriel's Family and Friends (Photo)

Gabriel with Colleagues (Photo)

Gabriel Al-Salem on Business Advisory Services Program (BAS) in Central Asia, September 2010

Gabriel Al-Salem at Investors' Summit, Almaty, Kazakhstan, July 1997