Dr. Stephen Tupper (United Kingdom)

Stephen Tupper has a background in finance, taxation and law: he has worked as a consultant for almost thirty years, performing assignments for major donors and international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, EBRD, ADB, European Union and USAID. His consultancy work is closely linked to development of a positive entrepreneurial environment with a concentration on fiscal and regulatory issues, but he has also managed projects and programs related to poverty reduction. These have been located in most states of the former USSR, as well as China and South East Asia.

Apart from these professional activities, Stephen has an ongoing interest in social enterprise and also in work with non-commercial bodies and NGOs. He recently assisted a UK-based charity in its localisation program in Russia and sits on the Board of Trustees as adviser to the Russian localised charity, advising on fund-raising and other sustainability issues.

Stephen joined Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2015 and is focusing on fund-raising.

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