Friday, 01 December 2023

Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives, Episode 20: AI, Ethics & Future Strategies

Tune in to the 20th episode of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's series "Consulting Without Borders LIVE – Perspectives," featuring international consultants and experts dedicated to addressing global challenges, promoting professional excellence, and fostering a sustainable future.

We are delighted to welcome back Dwight Mihalicz (Canada), FCMC®, Founder and President of Effective Managers™, a leading management consulting firm based in Canada with a global reach. Dwight is also Past Chair and Chair of Nominations and Successful Planning Committee of ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes). With his humanistic approach and profound insights into organizational dynamics, Dwight is a trusted advisor to leaders seeking sustainable performance.

Dwight is also an accomplished author with two influential books to his name: The Effective CEO: The Balancing Act that Drives Sustainable Performance, which explores the key functions that contribute to CEO success, and Consulting through Uncertainty: A Global Perspective, examining the evolving landscape of professional services.
Dwight returns to our show to provide updates in the realm of AI, addressing ethics issues and offering practical examples of AI applications in consulting work. The discussion will focus on the following thought-provoking topics:

  • Gaining Deeper Insights into AI: Exploring the latest advances, particularly the Generative AI, and its revolutionary impact on the management consulting profession.
  • Ethical Implications of AI: Discussing ethical AI usage, along with live demonstrations showcasing ethical AI applications for consultants.
  • Future Strategic Change: Demonstrating the use of cutting-edge AI tools, such as a chatbot for knowledge management, content creation, data analysis, and integration with existing software like Microsoft Word and Excel.

All this and more will be packed into a one-hour broadcast! Join us for this engaging discussion by tuning in live and participating in the comments section. This is a remarkable opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and directly ask your questions to Dwight Mihalicz.

Watch the replay here:

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