Sunday, 01 May 2022

Consulting Without Borders - Perspectives, Episode 3: Green Energy Research and Consulting

On May 1, 2022 we aired the 3rd episode of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's live series "Consulting Without Borders - Perspectives," in which we feature prominent international consultants and experts doing work related to global challenges.

We were delighted to have Roman Vakulchuk (Norway), Head of Center for Energy Research at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), as our guest for a conversation on green energy research, climate change and consulting.

Roman is a researcher and consultant specializing in emerging markets, energy, and climate change. He has extensive experience in project management, fundraising, market foresight, investment consulting, and establishing business networks in Central Asia. Roman is leading the climate team at NUPI and is responsible for developing an internal climate and environmental policy at the institute. He has led various projects funded by international organizations, including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, German Development Cooperation, and Global Development Network.

Roman holds a PhD degree in Economics from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. He is a member of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Management Consultants (CMC Kazakhstan) and the Central Eurasia Leadership Academy (CELA). Roman is a Co-Founder at Central Asian Development Institute (CADI).

In 2013, Roman won the Gabriel-Al Salem International Award for Excellence in Consulting for his study of the consulting sector in Kazakhstan, which led to the establishment of the first consulting association of Kazakhstan.

In this live episode Roman talked about:

- What makes consulting in Central Asia unique;
- Transitioning from working at Shell to climate change research at a think tank;
- Clean energy and electromobility in Norway and the rise of green consulting.

Watch the replay here:

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