Monday, 01 August 2022

Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives, Episode 6: Resilience: From an Individual to a Society

Welcome to the 6th episode of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's live series "Consulting Without Borders - Perspectives," in which we feature prominent international consultants and experts engaging in work related to global challenges.

On August 1, 2022, we were delighted to talk to Sanjay Saxena, Managing Director of Total Synergy Consulting based out of New Delhi India and providing consulting services for development sector projects worldwide.

Sanjay has worked on more than 150 development projects in 35 countries with ADB, World Bank, African Development Bank, UNDP, UNOPS, UNICEF, DFID, DFAT, JBIC, etc. He is a Fellow Cost and Management Accountant (ICWA), holds an international Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Management and Planning, and advanced Diplomas in Computer Software Applications. Sanjay has worked extensively in four areas – Governance, e-Governance, Public Financial Management (PFM) and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E). He has published over 170 books on e-governance, MIS and ICT, which are used by over 700 colleges and universities in India as course material for graduate and post graduate levels.During the broadcast on August 1, Sanjay will share insights into his 30-year consulting career managing multi-disciplinary international teams and engaging with a range of public, private, community and non-governmental stakeholders for the successful design and implementation of various projects and programs.

During the show Sanjay specifically addressed the issue of Resilience and why it matters in consulting practice and individual and societal life. The conversation focused on:

  1. How sudden shocks, intense events and calamities in our world disrupt the balance of life, both for individuals and for societies;
  2. How to plan for mitigating the risks and developing the ability to deal with adverse events for survival and well-being of all those who are impacted; and
  3. How to find ways to cope and accept what has happened, adapt, and move forward constructively.

Watch the replay here:

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