Thursday, 01 December 2022

Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives, Episode 10: Responsible Business. (Really?)

Watch the replay of the 10th episode of the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation's series "Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives," in which we feature prominent international consultants and experts working to address global challenges, promote professional excellence, and build a sustainable future.

On December 1, 2022 at 13:00 GMT, we were delighted to welcome Nick Shepherd (Canada), who is an activist at Responsible Business 2030, director at EduVision Inc., thinker, author and futurist. He is a Fellow Certified Management Consultant (FCMC) and served as one of Canada’s trustees at the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), where he led the development of the globally recognized competency framework. Nick has been involved in both the Canadian CMC organization holding several roles, and worked with other developing consulting institutes in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and the Caribbean Institute of Management Consultants.

For over 25 years, Nick has also been running his own consulting and professional development company, where his work gradually evolved to focus on the human dimensions of business. While Nick is officially retired now after a career spanning over fifty years, he continues to be active in this area, particularly in corporate culture, which brought him to his present role in the “responsible business” movement.

Business plays an important role within any society. Yet in recent years, business has been criticized for fraudulent and illegal activity, unethical conduct, greed and acting for the sole benefit of shareholders while neglecting its negative impact on society. Can business change its ways and re-invent itself to become more responsible?

With a goal to build awareness of the challenges of transforming businesses and the various initiatives underway that are seeking to change the way “business does business,” Nick focused on the following questions during the livestream:

  1. What evidence do we have that change is needed?
  2. Can business truly change, and what are the barriers to making this happen?
  3. What is responsible business, and what must be part of the solution?

Watch the replay here:

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