Wednesday, 01 November 2023

Consulting Without Borders LIVE - Perspectives, Episode 19: Coalitions for Impact and Value

We’re thrilled to welcome James Veenhoff from the Netherlands for a thought-provoking discussion on "Coalitions for Impact and Value." James is more than a visionary; he's a catalyst for change. With a remarkable journey spanning over 25 years, he has consistently shaped innovative paths for societal progress.

James is the Founder of Elemental, a mission-first strategy and innovation firm based in Amsterdam. He is also the mastermind behind the House of Denim Foundation. Through initiatives such as the Jean School and Denim City, James has demonstrated the profound impact of education and collaboration in enhancing industries' environmental sustainability.

James is the co-author of “Collaborate or Die: The co-creation book for change makers” a practical, action-oriented book taking the reader on a step-by-step journey towards making a meaningful impact.

In this engaging episode, James will share his insights on the following questions:

  • The Shift from Growth to Impact: How businesses are embracing the journey towards more meaningful contributions to society and the planet.
  • The Ethical Dilemma: As the world moves towards more responsible business practices, explore the challenges consultants face, especially when they have to work with clients whose values may not align perfectly with their own.
  • The Power of Coalitions: Explore how collaboration and co-creation among organizations can lead to impactful change and value creation.

Watch the replay here:

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