Gala Dinner and the first Award Ceremony for the Winners of Gabriel Al-Salem International Award for Excellence in Consulting

Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation organized Gala dinner, at which Viktoria Olskaia, the Foundation’s President, announced the first winners of theGabriel Al-Salem International Award for Excellence in Consulting in five categories: Consulting Project of the Year, Consultant of the Year, Consulting Without Borders, Significant Contribution to the Development of Consulting Profession, and Most Dynamic Organization of Consultants.

The winners were selected by the International Award Committee comprised of experts in consulting from the U.S., Canada, and Central Asian countries. The Committee has developed comprehensive "checklists" against which they evaluated the applications.  Also, they conducted thorough interviews with clients and the nominees themselves. As a result, the most deserving projects and consultants were selected.

Winners of the Gabriel Al-Salem International Award for Excellence in Consulting

The Award winnerswere presented with personalized cups and certificates as well as with the opportunity to participate free of charge in professional trainings, including Calvert Markham’s training on how to manage a consulting business, which took place in the next two days after the conference. Sponsors of other trainings included Vladimir Cherniavsky (St.Petersburg), the Union Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Kazakhstan company "Slava VC", specializing in enterprise management and accounting.

In addition to gifts for award winners and participants, Viktoria Olskaia, has prepared a show, which she called "Declaration of Love" associating it with the birthday of her husband. The program was inspired by memories of Gabriel; Viktoria herself and her daughter Anya sang a few songs about love.

The evening program was organized thanks to volunteer help of friends and colleagues of Viktoria and Gabriel:

  • Asem, popular Kazakhstan rock singer,
  • Vasiliy Tretyak, renowned Kazakhstan musician, composer and actor,
  • Valentina Grigoryeva and Maxim Grekov, ballroom dancers,
  • Inom Akadjanov, hairdresser,
  • Sergei Menshikov, make-up artist.
  • Andrey Vishnevskiy (Moscow), hairdresser and dancer.

Clothes for the modes in the fashion show were provided by the Moscow brand “Natasha Drigant”

"Aurora Studio" (Director – Ruben Kazaryan), Almaty, Kazakhstan, organized the filming of the conference and the evening program.

The gifts to all winners and participants of the Gabriel Al-Salem International Award were provided by BEAUTY ZONE, exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan of KEUNE Haircosmetics – professional hair products from Holland.

In the foyer ofthe conference Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation organized a charitable exhibition which displayed the works by Kazakhstan sculptor Eduard Kazaryan, artist Andrei Noda, and paintings by Walter Nikkarev provided by the Gallery “Inkar” of Semen Khan (Kazakhstan).