“We are extremely excited about this opportunity and our evolving partnership with the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation. Their mandate to promote excellence in consulting is clearly in line with our mission. Gabriel Al-Salem played a crucial role in developing the consultancy markets in Central Asia and in spurring our market development efforts. His leadership was highly appreciated by his team in Central Asia and elsewhere and we are delighted that the Foundation in his name will now recognise the important work of our staff.”

Valeria Della Rosa, Senior Manager, Small Business Support, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

“Thank you for organizing the conference “Consulting without Borders”! I was impressed with the high level of organization and also with the unique spirit of the conference. This conference is a great opportunity for the development of the consulting industry, a forum where businesses and consultants can find each other. For me personally the conference became a chance to look at my own achievements from a critical standpoint and better understand the consulting trends in our region. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak at the conference. I wish that Gabriel’s Foundation continues to enjoy success and prosperity!”

Dmitriy Tischenko, Head of Development, PREKO Consulting, Kostanai, Kazakhstan

“Throughout the day, the atmosphere was so friendly and kind that I strongly felt that the positive aura of Gabriel, his aspirations, thoughts and ideas knew no borders and barriers, they are truly WITHOUT BORDERS regardless of anything...” 


Victoria Plotnitskaya, M-Vector Central Asia

“I would like to thank you for organizing the conference so professionally and, most importantly, with so much inspiration!  In addition to new acquaintances and new skills, we have received such great positive encouragement…” 


Renat Abdrakhmanov, Kazakhstan

“I would like to thank you for the wonderfully organized conference. Our consulting industry has received a new fresh impulse for its development. The growing number of the conference and the award participants is the proof that these events are so much needed for consultants. As a banker and a bank CEO I can state that consulting does help with the company’s growth, helping find investments and develop new markets. Often even large companies don’t have specialists with such level of expertise as consultants. This is why they hire management consultants and as a result receive new perspectives for their development. My best wishes to Gabriel’s Foundation!”

Malik Abakirov, the Kyrgyz Republic

“I have so many good impressions from the conference, in which I participated for the first time. This event is very important for consultants’ collaboration. We understood that consulting is truly without borders because the problems that consultants encounter are similar everywhere. At the conference we have managed to come up with some fresh outlooks on these problems. The Foundation’s award [the training by Calvert Markham “Selling Skills for Consultants”] was very valuable to me. I learned a lot and am planning to start using the new skills in my work. I hope that one day the conference will take place in Dushanbe!”

Malika Makhkamova, Kamolot-1, Tajikistan

(On the creation of the Consortium of Consulting Organizations in Kazakhstan, which happened at the Almaty conference in 2012): "We can already say that this event on the Kazakhstan market of consulting and research services pushed forward the development of the industry and showed that the new Consortium is the real force to be recognized by all stakeholders, including the state. The main thing now is not to stop but to continue building on the success with further progressive activities aimed at promoting the professions of “Consultant” and “Researcher.” Many of our colleagues at BAS programs in other countries are impressed with [the Foundations] achievements and would like to learn from [the] experience. As a result, some interesting prospects for international cooperation open up for you and your business.  Preparation for the conference and finding solutions together demonstrated that the Consortium is viable and represents a true unity. Keep on going!”


Zhanibek Suleimenov, Director of the Kazakhstan BAS Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my company for the certificate, gifts, and for that unforgettable evening, which allowed us to honor the memory of Gabriel, to hear his voice, see his friends, and the talented womеn he loved...” 

Aigul Koichumanova,

"AKoichumanova&Partners" LTD, Kazakhstan

 “I am still very impressed by everything I experienced at the conference: communication with my colleagues, Calvert Markham’s training…  For me this was such a great school...  The award encourages me to contribute even more to the development of consulting market in Tajikistan.  The award allowed me to feel more confident, and the knowledge and skills gained from Calvert’s training allowed me to better assess my work and to understand that my team is on the right path.  I have already received proposals for work outside of Tajikistan...”


Farzona Tilavova, Kamolot-1, Tajikistan

“Thank you for this conference and the award, which you have created in Gabriel’s memory! This is important, honorable, and very beautiful. I wish much success and continuous growth to you and the Foundation!”

Vitaliy Nechiporenko, Director, CBS Perspektiva, Kyiv, Ukraine
PHD, Associate Professor, Senior lecturer of insurance V.Hetman KNEU